What Can You Get With a 10 Credit Score?

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What can you get with a 768 credit score?

The minimum amount of credit you need to have to have an official credit score is zero, which is handy if you need to take out an emergency loan but would rather not be paying any interest on it. A 768 credit score isn’t bad, but it’s pretty far from perfect, and there are quite a few products and services that the average consumer can’t access without better credit.


If you want to purchase a car or refinance your mortgage, obtaining financing can be difficult if you have poor credit. However, in some cases, it’s still possible to get an auto loan or refinance your mortgage at competitive rates with a bad credit score. LendingTree provides free quotes from multiple lenders who may be willing to offer lower interest rates and fees based on your credit profile. In addition to providing quotes for home loans and mortgages, LendingTree also offers quotes for auto loans and personal loans.
For each of these services, borrowers answer questions about their finances and provide any required documents to apply for financing. It typically takes only minutes to complete each application. Once all applications are submitted, LendingTree will compile your information into an easy-to-read report sent via email within 24 hours. At that point, borrowers can choose which lender they would like to work with and sign paperwork electronically online. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Approval time depends on many factors, including current credit history, how high your debt is compared to income ratios, and more.

2:Credit Karma

If you have a credit score of 750 or above, you can expect to qualify for many top-tier credit cards. According to Fair Isaac Corporation, if your score is between 749 and 850, you’ll likely get approved for 90% of cards available in credit unions. Fair Isaac also reports that consumers with scores between 679 and 750 will be approved for about 55% of their applications.
However, don’t give up hope even if your score falls below 650 (considered poor by Fair Isaac). A low score doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get approved for new accounts; look into secured credit cards or installment loans that don’t require collateral or employment verification. What are you waiting for? Time to take control of your finances! Check out your credit report today with Credit Karma!


There are two reasons why you should pay off your debts as soon as possible: Build up an impressive credit score and avoid unnecessary interest charges. If you have a 768 credit score or above, you’re doing great – but even if your score isn’t quite that high, there are still plenty of things you can do to give yourself some financial wiggle room. Here are some things you can get with a 720 credit score. And here’s what to avoid buying with less than perfect credit. While it may seem like getting down into those 600-500 ranges is impossible (or at least far off), by focusing on paying down your debts quickly, one card at a time, you’ll be surprised how fast that number will grow!

4:Capital One

Capital One’s Platinum Prestige Credit Card may be an option. The card offers 1% cashback on all purchases, plus no foreign transaction fees. There’s also an introductory 0% APR for 12 months, followed by 11.99%-21.99% Variable APR, depending on your creditworthiness. The kicker: Capital One requires applicants to have at least a 768 credit score to qualify for its lowest available APR offer. That’s pretty good news if you’re struggling with high-interest charges—and very bad news if you’re starting out paying off credit cards or student loans.
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It might seem unfair that people with poor scores are denied access to lower rates while folks with perfect scores get them automatically. Still, Capital One sticks by its guns because less than one percent of consumers would benefit from these promotional rates, per COO Richard Fairbank. If you don’t fall into that category, consider looking into refinancing options. Lowering your interest rate could save you thousands of dollars over time!


Even though it’s been called the average score, there are good reasons why you should aim higher. If your score is 768 or above, you have access to most credit cards—but depending on your credit card of choice, you may be paying an annual fee and will have limited rewards for each dollar spent. On top of that, for most rewards cards, consumers who have less than a 700 FICO score will likely have their applications declined or approved with a very high-interest rate.
A good rule of thumb: if your current credit utilization is under 30%, a 740+ FICO score can get you almost any credit card. And, just because you aren’t planning on applying for new credit doesn’t mean others won’t see your credit score; landlords, car lenders, and utility companies all look at your FICO score before approving loans or services in your name.

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