How We Can Help You Raise Your FICO® Score

With so many options out there, choosing the right credit restoration company can be confusing. You might assume that the most well-known companies are the best, but this isn’t always the case. The best way to find one that offers effective credit restoration services at competitive prices is to do your research and compare all of your options before deciding on one that will give you an increase in your FICO® score without breaking the bank.

Learn About Credit

One of the best ways to learn about credit is by researching credit restoration services. Credit restoration companies can help you repair your credit and improve your score over time. By working with a reputable company, you will gain access to important information regarding how credit works and how it can benefit you in life. The more you learn about credit scores, what they represent, and how they impact our daily lives, you’ll be better equipped to tackle any issues when they arise.

Credit restoration companies offer many solutions for people who want to protect their finances and make sure their score is as high as possible; by working with one, you can begin building or rebuilding your financial future immediately. Be sure to do plenty of research online before selecting a company that offers credit repair services. Doing so will ensure that you choose a reliable firm that can provide excellent service and value to consumers.

Know When You Need Credit Restoration Services

It’s easy to see how someone can make a mistake on their credit report and wonder what happened, but it may be hard to tell what constitutes a mistake if you aren’t familiar with credit scoring. If you find mistakes on your report—whether from identity theft or an honest error—it is possible to have them corrected.

However, some mistakes may be difficult to repair on your own. In those cases, working with a reputable credit restoration company can help you increase your FICO® score by removing mistakes from your report. A professional credit restoration company has years of experience working with lenders and reporting agencies, so they can quickly remove errors from your information and get you back on track toward financial stability as soon as possible. Restoring your finances can boost your score enough to make it worth paying for services upfront, allowing you to earn better interest rates in the future. If you need help increasing your FICO® scores fast, look for an expert who has direct experience improving FICO® scores.

Only certified professionals work with TransUnion®, one of three major reporting agencies that determine most people’s credit ratings; these experts know exactly where opportunities exist for improvement, including all changes that directly affect consumer scores. Once these items are changed on record per our instructions (and verified), there is no need for any follow-up activity (or further payment) on behalf of the consumer except documents in anticipation of an occasional check-in call per standing agreement after everything else is verified.

Understand What We Do

Credit restoration companies, also known as credit repair companies, play an important role in helping people improve their credit scores. The process involves disputing any errors that may have impacted your score and challenging other aspects of your report that lenders should consider before approving or denying you credit. For example, if you recently declared bankruptcy, filed for divorce, or experienced a drop in income, you might find yourself with bad credit—but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Credit restoration companies know how to reach out to creditors on your behalf and formally challenge negative information on your report. These types of services can help to increase your credit rating within 12 months! If you’re interested in our credit restoration service, contact us today!

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Determine if We're the Right Fit For You

Before deciding to partner with a credit restoration company, it’s important to understand that every lender has its guidelines for risk-based decision-making. While one lender may allow you to purchase a home after working with a credit restoration company, another may only do so if your credit is in good standing. As such, before partnering with Credit Restore, you should work with at least two or three different lenders and have them share their requirements regarding how long they would require you to wait from the date of issue until being considered for financing.

In addition, having multiple lenders share specific details on what each of them would require from you before approving your loan application will give you better clarity on which agency can help raise your score quickest for less money. Ultimately, you want to find a credit restoration agency that fits your overall financial goals while remaining within reason given your credit score.

If we’re not able to get you approved, we’re not going to be much help. Even though several years may pass between when someone misses a payment and when a collection account appears on a credit report, no viable repayment options are available today. No one can alter an incorrect item from the credit report immediately post the 7-year mark where negative things fall off.

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